short story

i used to hear them, when i was 10, back then when i used to think "hmm that's loud" that must have been the first that i can recall hearing them, "them" like they are someone i know, like they are more than one, i can tell them apart as well as fibers from a single pulled yarn, if someone asked me which one out of them all is the most vibrant i could pull out the most noticeable fiber pluck it out and say "that one" but then the sun would set, the question would alter and the fiber dull in the pinch of their fingers as it translated from my grip to theirs, and they'd paint it in their ugly colors of morbid certainty. 

"So they are all just one, the voices?"

At this point, her pupils dilated, a blank stare took over her cold face, she looked at him, and then away into the darkness looking for her, Sheila emerged towards her, she had her bag in her hand, without another word Sheila reached out to her shoulder with her arm around over her they walked out. They drove off in a little blue car, made it about half a kilometer away from the studio before Sheila turned left and parked next to a pub.

"When it is anyone other than you, it drives me insane" she tells sheila flicking the ash off her cigarette, holding ever so lightly with the tips of her narrow long fingers, restlessly waving around to somehow attempt to cover her visibly shaky hands.

"Talking or explaining" she says in a mocking voice sipping her beer

"Oh no.. no don't do that! I heard your conversation with him, he knew he was not supposed to call it "voices". It just turns into this horror movie every time, i try Shay, i really do"

"They already think you're insane, yet there is always more for why you wont talk to them, its always fascinating to see you get to that point"

"My pain is what you thrive on."

"I am merely an audience to your imbalanced gatherings" she smiles.

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An Over Exaggeration: Tearing Of Paper

Clamped with four finger tips, held up like a declaration sent by the nobles, with a gentle flick the firework explodes and the undoing begins, the mild thunder runs all the way down to the quickly separating two which was once only one, the rip opens up and the light catches the vision of the flake-remnants that float away accepting their fates further away from the place of devastation. So hypnotic. I notice as my eye balls throbs with the pulse of blood that runs in my face, drying out, overworked, immensely steady like never before, I notice the fuzz on my cheeks curl up as I blush noticing the intensity of my glance, caught a strangers eye. I have not seen his face yet, that direction is still unexplored, its a shadow looking right at me, I feel you looking at me. don't interrupt my play with the tight, dry music, it was heavenly before you invaded it.

The tryst was violated, as straight as a spine can force, flexing the set of secret combination of muscles that allowed me to threaten the invader with just the correct movement followed by a well practiced glance. its a smile, an honest smile, curious same as I, he saw what I saw he just saw it quicker then moved his attention towards something else as interesting.

A curiosity looking at another. 
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